DONNIE AKA VJ DONKIE VJ (Audio-visual performance artist), is a little known role in Hong Kong’s music scene. But VJ Donkie is about to change all that. Treading the fields between graphics design, web design, he has the solid foundation of a VJ. With a solid background in graphic design and web engineering, there is no one more suitable than him to be the man behind the VJ deck. All this work has paved a smooth road for him as a VJ.
Also a DJ, he knows the mind sets of his partners in crime, ‘most venues are quite small, so VJs do not have the luxury of seeing what the DJ is doing. This could make it hard for some. But as I was once a DJ, I just know where the cues are. When s/he moves, I’ll already know it 8 bars ahead.’
Like a well-travelled journeyman, the continuous sets he’s played with world’s top DJs has trained him to be a truly versatile artist. He plays to the mood and sets the tone for the DJ, knowing that as a visual artist, his most important job is to add to the music. ‘It is very important to not overpower DJ’s sets. But you have to know what he’s playing. If it’s progressive trance, you play cuts that are smooth. If it’s breakbeat, you play funkier cuts. You have to know the nature of the artist and what he plays so you can add to it.’
Besides electronic music, he’s played to a varying group of rock bands with a favourable results. He’s also welcome to playing with a live jazz band. He’s been in the frontline of world’s top DJ sets, including for Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox, Sasha ,John Digweed, DeepDish, Ricky Stone ,Adam Freeland, Dieselboy.
Some highlight Event include playing at a
ERS CHINESE TOP TEN 2009 , 2010, 2011 (SH)
VIVA CHINA Viva Fiesta (BJ)
Nokia New Year's Eve 5cities 1party HK
China Billboard Award TJ
Johnnie Walker F1 Beijing
BNP 50's Anniversary HK
Chandni Chowk To HK – Bollywood Star HK
City of Dream (Macau) Gala Party,
Electronic Dance Music Festival (Venetian Macao)
Yoyo Island Beach Party HK
Clockenflap Multimedia Arts Fest 2008 2009 HK
HKMF Hong Kong Music Fair 2010 (IFPI x TDC)
Hennessy artistry tour 2011 (HK)
to the throng of thousands.
At 2011 Vj Donkie with his show and event experience apply into Laser system. Create Laser beam show and design color animation for events needs.
31 May 2011 DHL Golbal International Specialist Launch Campaign @ The Peak Tower , HK