Taku Hirayama is known for his eclectic DJ style and versatile quality music selection.
Stepped into the club scene in Fukuoka, Japan in the late 90’s when jazz and electronic music were being crossover, he naturally went for that specific jazzy sound and further more electronic based sound. With his DJ career taking off in 2000, he was offered residency at a local club "Kieth Flack" in Fukuoka where he has been able to show the local crowd what sound fusion was really about. During his residency, he especially focused onto jazz and soulful house but eventually enriched his sound spectrum with any kind of good music to create soundscape that people really could move to. With such his diverse of music selection, he got many opportunity at clubs and bars as well as supporting act for domestic and international guest DJs visiting in town.
Eventually, he went into more electronic sound like disco dub, tech house, minimal, techno which he absolutely appreciates today. In 2006, he relocated himself in Hong Kong, for 4years his passion for music never stop growing and many different walks of life in the chaotic city inspired him to enhanced further spectrum. It allowed him to expand his musical awareness which drove him into the many party from clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, even on the boat or beach, almost everywhere in the city. Mainly played as resident of "Yumla" "W Hotel" "Adidas Original Concept Store" and many more gigs like every weekend as well as fashion brand’s party such as Adidas, Undercover, Bathing Ape, to name some. Also as a promoter, he managed some talented DJs between Hong Kong and Japan to create bridge between his roots and oversea. “Asian Force” is a project which he coordinates from his home, Fukuoka since 2009.
Returned back to Fukuoka in 2010 autumn and invited to play at Air Tokyo as guest DJ soon after. Now he is rooted in his town and plays for "Nex @ Kieth Flack" "HxGxT @ Air" as a resident and also going back to play in Hong Kong for a couple of times in a year.