Rebearth is an MC/poet + music composer born in Hong Kong, via Montreal where he studied music and cofounded a independent record label "Nocturnalight". Upon leaving Montreal, Rebearth travels as a solo artist and continues to spread a collective, conscious and positive message through sharing his music, poetry/lyrics and art.
By actively spreading awareness through honest-creative expression, Rebearth aims to change the current separated materialistic worldview by finding a more honest, fulfilling, peaceful, unified and spiritual meaning to our existence.
Rebearth's first EP album "Diverge 2 Antimatter" was released in Montreal in 2006. A 20 track album which introduced Rebearth's unique eclectic style of music, ranging from Hip/Trip Hop, Jazz, World, Downtempo and Electronica.
Currently based in Hong Kong, Rebearth works closely with local crews / events organizers such as Ultralounge, Kongkrete Bass, Heavy and where he performs live, in-your-face freestyles alongside DJ's pioneering bass and electronic music (Funk/Nu Jazz, Hip/Trip hop, Drum and Bass/Jungle and Dubstep). These DJ's include local talents DJ Wash and international artists such as Kryptic Minds, Kode9, and Pinch just to name a few.
Rebearth also performs live sets showcasing his original songs. He has performed for organizations such as the Asia Consciousness Festival, TEDxHK and Sonic Step Sisters.
Rebearth's second album "Among the Lambs Clothed in White" was released in April, 2011. 'ALCW' is also Rebearth's first joint art exhibition with local painter/visual artist NML. Together, they created a visual and musical journey through paintings and sculptures by NML, and through music and poetry by Rebearth. The exhibition takes visitors through an enchanting and moving adventure about a girl in self discovery as she seeks meaning, purpose and happiness. The exhibit was presented by Voxfire Gallery.
The music for 'ALCW' displays Rebearth's growth in compositional talent, as his eclectic instrumentals/beats evolve to become richer in texture, harmonies, beats/rhythms mood and feeling. Whether it be his soundtrack soundscapes/melancholic melodies, upfront beats/offbeat rhythms or deep/heavy basslines; Rebearth continues to explore and grow.
Rebearth is presently setting up his independent record/production label "Innavisual Collective" and has a studio where he is still constantly writing new music as well as collaborating with different artists who share the same passions for music and art.
Keep an eye out for Rebearth as he's working to release more albums, projects and exhibitions within the year.
More updates will be made soon so remember to stay in-tune!