People call me Pecavi, i created new revolutionary music genre The Embers Breaks. 

The Embers Breaks was born by taking most powerful parts of "Drum based" music styles ( Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Big Beat, Dubstep, ... ) 

My real name is Thomas K. 
I'm born in Bialystok/Poland in 88' 
I was a normal kid but however very silent... 
This day i was playing in my brothers room and accidentally i switched his amplifier on. 
The result was that i recieved a massive Neurofeedback of huge volume straight to my ears and brain. 
This was my first contact with frequencies ... 

The Birth of Sound 
Everything started with "Music Maker 2000" Video game for the Sony Playstation platform. When my older brother noticed that i spend most of my free time on this software, he showed me more professional music tool Fruity Loops. 
It was the begin of passion to create electronic music. 
At the beginning i was discovering the music world and producing techno and trance. After few years of discovering music, i started to get more seriously into it. I started to create "drum based" electronic music in 2007, producing Drum and Bass, Jungle and Breakbeat. After some time i was bored of producing music in ordinary styles so i decided to experimenting whit music till i create 
"The Embers Breaks" 
What is Embers Breaks ? 
The Embers Breaks is Power, it's Energy, a Positive vibe and abstract view on the electronic music. 
I took the best parts of electronic music styles like: Drum and Bass, Jungle, Dubstep and Breakbeat and i created a NEW drum pattern on specific bpm so it sounds faster. 
Fast flexible breaking drums, deep baselines and psychedelic melodies ares the most important elements is this new music genre. 
The Embers Breaks is a NEW music genre/Style that took me few years to build up. I'ts an innovation in electronic music world and the key for the future of music. 
Embers Breaks is the UNIQUE Frequency.