Esia is Producer & Singer (In French) ;
Work on Dubstep; Dancehall; Hip Hop; Reggae; Drum'n'Bass; ....
Member of Uprooted Sunshine (Chinese Reggae Soundsystem)
Member of Melting Potes Familia (French DanceHall Crew)
Member of IntransikBeats-Dubstep
Esia started music in the early 90’s, in a Rock band where he learned how to play bass and compose music.
Strongly influenced by the french Hip Hop scene, he along with his good friends CBC, Cox and Roymeo, created a crew of MCs named “Team Charognards” (in english “Vulture Team”) and started to record freestyle sessions. Esia gets his hands on an old PC and starts to produce beats.
In 2005 Esia, Roymeo and the fresh comers Arminda and Yuldi Masta established a multicultural crew, the “Melting Potes Famila”, positive in its approach and style its a genre which is now more Reggae Dancehall.
In 2006 Melting Potes Familia” will appear on:
Conscious Lyrics Mixtape – Veda;
Mes Invites (self-produced album) – Ciacia;
Dancehall animal”Mixtape- Roymeo.
In March 2007, Esia and Arminda leave France for China where they met the Uprooted Sunshine Sound System(in Shanghai), which is one of the first and only Reggae Sound Systems in China. With 2 paties a month at the shelter shanghai, shanghai by bus (Reggae), subculture (Dubstep).
He also collaborated on some Phreaktion party , sweatshop (drum n bass) .
He sung along with numerous internationally renowned artists such as Andy C, Mungo’s Hifi, Clive Chin, Adrian Sherwood, Jahtari, Soom T, Desto, Pinch, Adrian Sherwood, Kode 9 or Jahcoozi, President Carter (NYC), Cojie (Mighty Crown) …
Between 2007 and 2011 with Uprooted Sunshine , Esia performed at shanghai Expo and all around China ,Hong Kong, Mongolia, Kazakstan……
Esia will appear on :
Schizocele EP – Didjelirium;
Timewarp Remix EP – Robox Neotech (Stagga);
Scatter Remix EP – Robox Neotech (Doshy);
Level Up – Uprooted vs. Jatari Mixtape , Mixed by Blaise devile;
灵魂计划 – 肥宝 feat. Uprooted Sunshine (Chee Production, Guanzhou China).
Moreover he is also a brilliant producer in progress , in 2010 Esia met Steven Lorenz (intransik beats) and started collaborating on the
”Bottle Bong – Steven Lorenz” EP that was soon released on Rankadank Records.
In 2011 a second room in IntransikBeats; Intransikbeat-Dubstep was created with Esia as part of the team.