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DJ Arno :
For 15 years, he plays a unique and powerful mix of Electro House and Techno music. His influences or friends are among the world most famous
deejays and producers: Tonio, Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto,
Joel Campos,John Acquaviva, Trinity Parker, Ben Lb,
Pushy killer,Frank Carrera, Tarlouf X, Ben Men,
Electric Rescue, Dj Freddy, David Caretta,
Terence Fixmer, Lenny Dee, Manu Le Malin,
Technasia, 69db...
Parisian skater from "la fontaine des Halles" in Paris in the early 90's Arnaud is definitely inspired by the invasion of the Spiral Tribe, Psychiatrik, Nomads, Impakt Teknocrates and other sound systems of the golden age of the free parties and also by big events in Le Bourget in France (Apokalyps) and by great deejays such as Liza N'héliaz, Manu Le Malin, Torgull, Lenny Dee, Damon Wild, The Dark Raver, The Prophet, Electric indigo...
He starts playing Trance then Hardcore and Hard Techno music for about 10 years since 1993. In 1999 and after the Teknival of Paris in 2002, he releases several auto producted albums with the artist name Dj S-1 (Dj S-ONE) and on different independent labels such as Le Diable au Corps (LDAC) and Le Spectre which is created for him by Nout (HERETIK). But for financial and personal reasons he doesn't want to have anything to do with Nout and Heretik System.
In 2006 he meets Dj Tonio and Kiko who will become really good friends and he starts playing essentially Electro House and Techno music.
Then he is contacted by Nicox Pushykiller (N.fr) to play in Paris with his good friend Frank Carrera.
Tarlouf X and Djedi aka Electric Rescue stay open to work with him too.
Thanks to Tonio and Kiko he meets International Deejays such as David Caretta, Terence Fixmer, Lenny Dee, John Acquaviva, Joel Campos, Trinity Parker, Olivier Giacomotto, Ben Lb...
Since 1993 he has played with djs and live acts such as :
Dj Huge (Bloc 46) / Yann (Teknocrates) / Dj Phosphos / Von Deepsy (RKG) / Radium (Micropoint) - Audiogenic / 69db (Spiral Tribe) / Alex L. aka Lowkey (Goog records) / Kardinal (Freak'sion) / Dj Nikko (Terrassa, Folie's, etc) / Nicox aka Pushy Killer (N.fr records) / Frank Carrera (N.fr records) / Dj Tof aka Optimum (Epileptik - Inside Booking) / Dj Jul (at Le Pink - Montpellier) / Sonk et Nelio (at Le Batofar) / Rom1 (Rex Club staff)

And in other countries :
In Geneva (Switzerland), at the K-Bar.
On Boracay Island, Philippines, at the "White Beach" Club The Paradiso with the Manilla Dj Contest winner and résident Dj Eric (Ph) and Dj MK (Korea).